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XXL "Düde"

CD /LP/ DD available at Tin Angel Records

Düde is the 3rd album by XXL.
XXL is the alchemical result of the meeting of Jamie Stewart's perverted creature Xiu Xiu with the 4 headed mythological Italian monster named Larsen.
Düde has been composed, performed, arranged and recorded in real time by the band at O.F.F. Studio in Torino, Italy
in 10 intense days spent on the verge of disciplined work and chaotic creativity (with some good food and wine on the side).
Düde has been recorded and mastered by Marco Milanesio and mixed by Jamie Stewart.
Düde is the first XXL album featuring Xiu Xiu's Angela Seo instead of previous keyboard player/vocalist Caralee McElroy.
Düde features stellar performances by the artiste extraordinaire Ernesto Tomasini and brass player Ramon Moro.
Düde (to be pronounced Duede) sports an umlaut on its “u” as a tribute to our druidic ancestors.
Düde is about the is all about the umlaut...

LARSEN & Z'EV "In V.Tro"
live recording of Larsen & z'ev Sept. 2009 "In. V.Tro" show in Torino, Italy, plus z'ev aural mixes of Larsen's "In. V.Tro" studio
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LARSEN " Cool Cruel Mouth"
latest full length studio album featuring Little Annie and Baby Dee
Important Records (US + Canada)
Tin Angel Records (EU+UK)

LARSEN "Uncruel Cool Mouth"
Uncruel Cool Mouth”
has to be considered an introduction and at the same time companion to Larsen's full length release “Cool Cruel Mouth”
Whereas Cool Cruel Mouth” focuses more on song structure thanks to Little Annie's smoky vocals and metropolitan lyrics,
on “Uncruel Cool Mouth” Larsen's Paolo Dellapiana and band producer and sound engineer Marco Milanesio (a.k.a. 9cento9)
have used sound sources from “Cool Cruel Mouth” (including Baby Dee piano and Little Annie vocals) as well as some additional sounds,
to build up a cinematic instrumental suite in two parts, putting the stress on musical and atmospheric dynamics and shifting.
   Uncruel Cool Mouth Larsen
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Limited Edition CD: Deathtripper On-Line Shop

Limited Edition 10" Picture Disc: Zos Kia Sounds Recordings

LARSEN "No Arms, No Legs: Identification Problems" remastered

15th anniversary digital reissue of Larsen's first full length studio album,
recorded and produced by Martin Bisi at his legendary BC Studio in Brooklyn in 1996

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